Education and Insight Drive Mark Hurd towards Success

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"There are many great business schools throughout the country where a person can go get a quality education that can assist them in their long-term goals. A lot of times, people turn towards the big-name schools, such as Harvard, Yale, or Stanford, or go to lesser know  schools that still hold a great deal of prestige, such as Pomona, Macalester, and the Grinnell.

These are the kinds of schools that people often associate with an incredible education, but Oracle CEO Mark Hurd is proving that Baylor University deserves to be in that discussion as well. If one looks at the achievements of the CEO, they will see that he has turned to tech companies into giants, something that virtually no other executive can say.

The CEO credits a great deal of success to his education, which if you click site you can read in his own words how thankful he is for the education that he received. However, the education only gave him the tools to be able to get started. Mark Hurd has gone way beyond that by implementing the insights and ideas that he had over the years to turn both Hewlett-Packard and Oracle into two of the most successful technology-based companies on the planet.

This is part of what separates Hurd from many of the other executives that you will come across. He has used all of the opportunities in his disposal, including his education and training, to create a system to implement his ideas that is proving to be an incredible success.

You can read about this and learn about his insights, including his vision for the future, by visiting the site so that you can see, in his own words, what Hurd believes the future holds. These are valuable insights that simply cannot be ignored.