Search Engine Marketing – Scraper Sites & Scraped Content

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"In a perfect world, every website and blog would feature original and informative content that was reliable and relevant to the individuals searching for and reading it. Of course the world is far from perfect, but the goal of today’s search engines is to encourage and assist site owners to publish quality content that ranks well.

Some search engines, such as Google, even provide a concise set of seo quality guideline practices to follow in order to be considered a quality site or page thus improving search engine marketing; including some don’ts:

  • Don’t use hidden text, hidden links or invisible pages.
  • Don’t use cloaked pages or redirect techniques.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t use duplicate content pages or domains.
  • Avoid doorway pages or bridge pages.
  • Avoid pages with little or no original content.
  • Avoid link bombing.

Search Engine Marketing: What is Scraped Content or Scaper Sites?

Scraped content is the peak of spamdexing in that it is composed mostly or entirely of material written by others and republished without their permission, consent or knowledge. Scraped content is quite simply, work that has been stolen from someone else and is being used to make money for the thief. Scraped content can and often is slightly manipulated so that it is not an exact copy, but is no less a search engine marketing forgery.

How Do Scraper Sites Work?

Typically, scraper sites are operated purely for the purpose of earning advertisement revenue through pay-per-click (PPC) ads embedded on the pages (such as Google’s AdWords). Scraper sites work by gleaning most or all of their content from other websites. Often, RSS feeds, XML and Atom (an XML-styled format of RSS feeds that preserves the Metadata) are used to extract the content published by other authors and used to automatically update the content on scraper sites which is then used in their search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing: Scraped Content Violates Copyright Laws

Similar to having a deed to a house or bill of sale for a care, copyright law establishes ownership of items that are in a tangible form and also intangible concept. An article, poem, piece of creative writing, a work-in-progress novel, photograph and digitally created image are all examples of items protected by copyright laws. Copyright requires that the creator provide permission for anyone else to reproduce it.

Since scraper sites and content do not seek permission of the creator, their content is published often without the creator’s knowledge and is in violation of copyright. As is that were not lowbrow enough, scraper sites use the stolen content to generate revenue for themselves that could otherwise have gone to the original creator’s of the content; thus stealing from them twice.

Search Engine Marketing: Scraper Sites Devalue Original Content

Even if a scraper site credits the author of the content (such as providing a link to the original content posted by the creator), it often causes further harm by devaluing the quality of the author’s work. since scraper sites are considered search engine marketing spam (or spamdexing), the author ends up having the misfortune of spam being connected to their content. This connection causes a negative ranking effect for the author’s content, pushing it further down in the search engine results pages.

Made For Advertising Search Engine Marketing

Scraper sites only purpose is to drive traffic to websites with little or no original content for the purpose of gleaning ad revenue through illegal search engine marketing tactics. These sites have no redeeming value and only result in frustration visitors and dilute search engine results. Search engines like Google and Yahoo work continuously to combat scraper sites but they remain a pervasive element on the web.

Websites found to be filled with scraper content or to be making intentional use of scraper sites risk being devalued in ranking and even removed form the index entirely. In addition to this, companies making use of scraper sites could lose the Adesense/AdWord accounts and could face legal action for copyright violations. In a nutshell, scraper sites are as low as it gets in underhanded tactics; the only people who suffer are the creators of the content and the revenue stolen from them. In order to rank, if you are about to buy links or use scraper site, buy links instead.